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Doraha part 2 on ULLU: In this digital era, the theatre craze has decreased now. People are fond of OTT platforms now. Most movies and series are released on digital platforms these days. This has also increased audience interest in bold series. Today we have brought the hottest series of Bharti Jha on ULLU for your entertainment.

The storyline of the series

The storyline is the continuation of the first part. When Shekhar returns everything gets messed up totally. His wife is not ready to accept all his gifts and him as a husband. Shekhar gets shocked to see his brother with his ex-girlfriend for whom he ran after his marriage. This story is quite complicated and messed up. Watch this series on ULLU to find out what happens next.

Director : P .G
Cast(s) : Ratna,shekhar,Vivek,Veena
Quality : WEB-DL

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Name Doraha Part-2 (2022)
File Type mp4 | mkv
File Size 550MB | 1.2GB
Resolution 720P, 1080P
Language Bengali