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In a book mock-up or brochure mock-up, a sample copy of the publication would be shown, often as a PDF file or at the very least a printed copy. Include all of the final product’s visual features, such as design components, fonts, layouts, and photographs. In addition to samples of the paper type, binding, or other production details, additional information may also be supplied, such as suggestions made during the proofreading process or customer needs. The mock-up may also be used to demonstrate to potential clients how the finished book or brochure will appear and work. Customers may understand what to expect and decide whether they like the style and format by seeing a mock-up.

One of the most popular online visualizations is a book mockup. It’s a true game-changer for your portfolio since it comes in seven distinct forms and includes a background you can customize! Of course, it is available and is free to download.

Additional info:

  • For private & comercial purpose
  • Exlusive for Mockup`s Design
  • Unique grunge design
  • 7 views / shots
  • Customizable background
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